Queen Of Hearts (explode___heart) wrote,
Queen Of Hearts


What the fuck are you looking at?

+ ADD me first.
+ COMMENT second.
+ DON'T be a douche.
+ DON'T type like a douche.

My journal is FRIENDS ONLY because I like to know who's reading about my life. If you add me and comment, it's pretty much a guarantee that I will add you back.

Thanks. <3
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thanks for adding me i'll add you back
still havnt made a real post yet??? huryy yo ass up woman!
Theres sooo much I have to do before I can actually write in here.
Besides... I really dont have anything to write anyways. So SHUSH!!
And what the hell??? Where are you? You bum!
Just lettin ya know I'm alive and that I added you :)
Add me, I commented and added you? You say that I'm a dreamer I say you're a non believer... muahhaha *goes into song*
sure thing =)
i love your journal. i'm adding you. add me back! =)
Thanks =) I added you back. Mind if I ask where you found me?


12 years ago

add me cuz i finally added u
hey uh...could i be added :)? (this is ceci)
you're invited to join xmybodysbroken an adair fan community.

i'm in your adair community too.
absolutely love the songs on your info page. alot of them are my favorites. add me back if you'd like.
I'll deffinently add ya back =)
hey! I'd like to take part in your wondrous friends only journal

<3 steph
sure thing! =)


July 24 2004, 16:21:21 UTC 12 years ago

just wanted to say...youre layout is crazy awesome. its sooo awesome...OH MY GOD.cant get over it

good job-
haha thanks so much! =)
can you add me please?
thanks kid,
surely <3


12 years ago

hey whats up you seem really awsome.... you like adair that fucking rocks! not many people from whree im at no who they are... seen them in concert not long ago and was blown away.... add me if youd like!
Adair is the shiznuts! I cant wait to see em. I'll gladly add ya! Add me back! =)

ps: GIR = sex.


12 years ago

I was browsing through lj's yours looks amazing =D
Thanks! <33


12 years ago

Sorry for the random comment but I just saw you in another community and thought you'd be interested. I know I know, random comments suck, but I really think you are stunning. Give it a shot at
your icon reminded me of a girl who had the same pants as me...we were pant buddies...im wondering if its you...either way, firt 10 people to apply get in free to this community. appy quick:

click here: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=hollywood_rocks
YESSS!!! We are the pants buddies! Hoorah!

I'll join, but I'll wait cause I dont wanna "automatically" get in. For some reason I enjoy being picked apart by people I dont even know. I guess Im wierd like that. =P



12 years ago

add me if you want....you seem cool and u like a7x and atreyu which is awesome!
Oh I WILL add you. add me back though! =)
baby add me.
cool set-up stef!

Add me?
Thanks, love.

Of coarse! <3
you are so awesome
i love your style
im adding ya! ♥
haha thanks dear!
I added you back <3
You don't know me, and I don't know you, but I am in love with your interests and stuff. So be friendly and add me? :]
Of coarse. =) How'd you find me, if you don't mind me asking?


March 27 2005, 01:00:49 UTC 11 years ago

So basically finding out your fucking sn is impossible since you change it like every day of the year. Which is cool...?
Haha, just playin man.
I don't know why but I totally just thought of you and I was like 'shit dog, i should chat it up with her' but my foot is fucking cramping up, i'm tired as fuck, i can't sleep, there's a fucking bowl of i dont know what on my desk, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd i need to pee.

Sooooooooo I was thinking you should totally put something in your user info stating how wonderful i am. Don't you think? Haha JPJPJPJP

And if you haven't figured out who this is..it's your personal SLUT

aka. micheal.

too lazy to log in so i be postin anonymous!
You are one crazy little butt. ANYWAYS, umm check user info's much? Cause yeah, screen names are like ALWAYS there. Duhh. You know what else is cool? How when you changed your sn and like told the whole world except me. Yeah... ass. =P And umm, about my user info... I'll see if I can fit you in. =P You're wierd... and a REALLY BIG lazy ass. It takes, what, two seconds to log in? k00k.

<3 ya muchly hottie!!!! =P
hey kid
its autumn , aka lilwolfyautumn
killed that lj name, rename tokens rule
so if you still like me and dont hate me...will you add me?
add me. im in bluntbrownies.
Sure thing. Sorry this took so long, I've been on vacation.
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